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Friday, April 1, 2011

Quick and Easy Tips for Lawn Care

Lets start with the most likely reasons for a lawn to decline or not look healthy......

1.      Excessive Watering.
2.      Not enough of water.
3.      Not enough sunlight.
4.      Mowing the turf too low.
And move on to some general tips........

               The perfect watering scheduling varies depending on your soil and grass type.  Allowing your grass to tell you when it is time to water is imperative.  When the grass leaves wilt and foot prints hang around, it is time to water.  When watering is necessary be sure thoroughly soak the soil 4”-6” deep to reach the entire root zone.  The general rule of thumb for watering is that lawns need about 1”-2” of water a week to thrive.  Be sure to water in the early morning for the best results.
               For the best results be sure to fertilize your lawn 2-4 times a year during the growing season.  This will ensure lush lawn growth.  Applying to much fertilizer can burn the grass blades and cause yellowish burn spots to appear.  Apply fertilizer during the growing season only.  If you are going to apply fertilizer once a season, apply fertilizer in spring for warm season grasses; apply fertilizer in the fall for cool season grasses.  Be sure to apply fertilizer when the grass is dry, then water to push the fertilizer into the soil and keep fertilizer off f the grass leaves.
               When mowing grass do not cut more than a third of the grass blade at one time.  Mowing the grass to the proper height can help lawns develop a better root system.  More leaf area equals a better root system.  It is very important to cut the grass with a very sharp blade.  A clean cut ensures less water loss and quicker healing of the grass blade.  When cutting it is okay to leave the clippings on the lawn as long as you de-thatch your lawn once a year.  The clippings will decompose and return nutrients to the soil. 
Weed Control
               Weeds thrive in an unhealthy lawn.  The best defense against weeds is a healthy lawn with a strong root system.  A weak lawn, in decline, allows room for weeds to root in and grow healthy.  A thick, healthy lawn has a root system that is thick that will choke weeds out.
               Aeration punches (or takes plugs) from the soil to provide roots with water and nutrients.  Aerate when the grass is actively growing to allow a lawn’s roots to take advantage of the new looser soil.  It is important to water thoroughly before aerating.
               Organic matter can build up between the grass blades.  This material is called “thatch.”  Thatch prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots.  Any more than a ½” of this material is bad.  Be sure to de-thatch at least once a year to remove this material.
If this seems like a lot of work.....please give LawnScapes a call and we will take care of it for you!!!

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