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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The LawnScapes Design Process

Takes place on the job site and is the meeting where we will discuss your needs, preferences, and ideas for your landscaping.  We appreciate you having any measurements, house plans, lot survey, pictures, or any other helpful materials copied and available for the designer to take.  It is a good idea if you go through our design questionnaire before this meeting.  At this meeting we will also provide you with a design contract and upon receiving payment we will add you to the design schedule.  

Site Analysis
This is the phase where we study and visit the site to gain a full understanding of the existing conditions.  We make one more site visit to take measurements, elevations, make note of the sunny and shady spots, elevations, and any other pertinent information required to create a landscape design. 
Schematic Design

In this phase we reconcile the client’s needs and desires with the functional aspects of the site.  During this phase the designer uses a technique call ‘Bubble Diagramming’ to layout the spaces, the pathways between them, and their uses.  Sometimes another meeting is required to discuss these ideas with the client.

Quick Bubble Diagram
Quick Circulation Diagram

Final Plans
This is where the design will be drafted using CAD software.  All elements of the design will be included, and details will be drawn to locate all elements, and to show paving patterns, etc.  When this work is completed a meeting will be scheduled to present the plan, selection of materials, and information on the installation.

Example of a Final Plan

Design Implementation
In this phase we provide the final estimate and proposal for the proposed landscape installation.  Once the proposal is accepted and the initial payment is provided you will be placed on our installation schedule.

LawnScapes Design Services

Masterplan- complete design for your entire property

Landscape Rejuvenation Plan- Plans detailing the removal and replacement of any unhealthy trees, shrubs, and can include transplanting existing plant material. 

Hardscape Plan- Plan detailing walkways, retaining walls, seat walls, and patios.  A hardscape plan Includes proposed materials, dimensions, and paving patterns for the installation.

Landscape Planting Plan- layout plans can detail your entire property or a very small portion of your yard.  These plans include spot plantings, foundation plantings, buffer plantings, shade, native, butterfly, and bird gardens.

Specialty Design Detail- this would include a design for a custom fireplace, bulb plantings, outdoor kitchens, water features, vegetable gardens, perennial plantings (Country Gardens), etc.

Lighting Plan- Layout plan and engineering for outdoor lighting. This includes sizing the transformer, choosing the correct fixtures, and the selecting the correct wire gauge.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Choosing Hardscape Materials

Material choice is, perhaps, the most fun step in a landscape design.  Material can (and will!) determine the direction a project takes.  It can determine the paving pattern, whether the design in curvy or posses straight lines, and the formality of the space.  Do you want a modern feeling space?  Do you want to have a monolithic wall or have it broken up with smaller stone?  Would you like natural stone or an interlocking concrete paving system?  These are all choices you need to make when thinking about a hardscape.  

PA Irregular Flagstone with a reclaimed brick border.
Quarter Ton Brown Boulders are great features in planting beds or dry creek beds.
Materials also determine the character of the space.  Whether you are going for an extremely modern space or want your patio to look like it is a hundred years old, material choice is very important.  Colors, architectural elements, and paving materials all need to work together to create a cohesive space.  At LawnScapes, we like to take our clients to a supplier’s yard to show them the wide range of natural materials and the options to be had.  Nothing is more fun that a shopping trip!  I tend to advise clients to take the time to choose the boulders, colors, and materials in person so that they know exactly what the materials look like. 

The rustic character of this space is accentuated by the stacked stone wall, broken flagstone cap and the stepping stones.
This entry courtyard is meant to be very formal.  The Rectilinear design, double sailor course of brick, and the range pattern flagstone really adds to the gravitas of the space.

Visit Delaware Hardscape Supply’s Website, CST Pavers, and EP Henry to pick out some of your favorite materials.  As always, please do not hesitate to visit our website at www.lawn-scapes.net to give us feedback! 

-Matt Bradley