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Friday, April 8, 2011

Elements and Ideas for a 'Green' Landscape

               Environmentally friendly landscaping requires techniques that are chemical-free, uses native plants, and requires minimal watering, and generally contributes to the health of our ecosystem. These are a few ideas to help you get started on your green landscaping.
·        Slow Down Storm Water Run-off
o   Rain Gardens- Collect rainwater in a planted depression that will allow the water to percolate into the soil.
o   Permeable Paving- Allows percolation of rainwater through a paved surface.  Helps collect “bad” run off and the cleansing of the storm water.
o   Rain Barrels- Emptying your gutters into a receptacle allows the storage of water for use later.  You can use this water to wash your car or water your plants and reduce the use of potable water.
·        Native Plantings
o   Use plants that are native to our region and climate
§  Reduces the need for watering.
§  Reduces the need for upkeep and general maintenance.
·        Grass and Lawns
o   In general, USE LESS.
o   Turf requires an immense amount of energy and maintenance to grow.  Really look at how much lawn you need.
·        Avoid Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Herbicides
o   End up in streams and ponds nearby, damaging aquatic life and causing algal blooms.
o   Dogs and Cats lick their paws; Children fall down and put their faces near the ground.
o   Birds can mistake fertilizer pellets for food.
o   Poisons can (and will) kill the underground organisms that live in the soil that are needed for healthy soil.
o   The more chemicals you use on your lawn, the more dependent it becomes on them.  When you discontinue their use your lawn might look bad for a period time until it recovers.
o   Aerate you soil.  This helps the water and nutrients reach your lawn’s roots.
·        Compost on your Property
o   This is very environmentally friendly because you are reducing the amount of waste you are sending to the landfill.
o   Creates good mulch and is great for adding to your soil.
·        Create an Additional Wildlife Habitat
o   Use plants that attract bees, butterflies, and birds to your garden.
·        Reduce Use of Gasoline Powered Equipment
o   Lawnmowers, string trimmers, and blowers produce an enormous amount of Co2 emissions and use fossil fuels.
o   If at all possible use a manual push mowers
o   If not keep your gas mower in good working order by changing oil and air filters regularly.  A well maintained engine will run cleaner, burn less fuel, and last longer.  A new lawnmower will also run cleaner.
·        Plant Shade Trees and Shrubs
o   Provide habitats for birds (trees).
o   Can cool your house by shading it.
o   Provide and create microclimate.
o   Use trees and shrubs to shade windows and your roof.
o   Can use leave for composting. 

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