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Monday, January 9, 2012

Will it Grow Here? An explaination of USDA Hardiness Zones

               Y’all have no clue how often I am asked this!  Common sense and knowledge tells us that Palm Trees will not grow here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, but how do you select plants that work?  The USDA has a handy tool called a Hardiness Zone Map.
USDA Hardiness Zone Map
Please check out the full interactive map here:
Interactive USDA Map
There are 11 different planting zones in the United States and the quantity can vary state to state (11 in Miami to 4 in Northern Main).  These zones are defined by 10 degree difference in the average minimum temperature.  This difference in annual temperature can be because of higher elevations or latitude.  In Pennsylvania our range is from 7 here in Southern, Pa to Zone 4 for the Poconos.  Almost all plant tags have the Hardiness Zone on them and if they do not you can find it on the Internet really easily.  So next time you wonder, will it grow here, check out the USDA Plant Hardiness Map!  As always thanks for reading, please email me with any questions, and please check out our Facebook page!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to visit our web page at www.lawn-scapes.net.
-Matt Bradley, PCH

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