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Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Reasons You NEED to Hire a Landscape Designer

1.      Planning is the most important part of any project. 
a.      A good landscape design will bring beauty and style to any home.  It also can raise your property value 10%-15%.  A plan also directs the project, without it a project can quickly become out of hand or go over budget.
2.      Our designer knows what you are thinking even if you don’t.
a.      Matt, our Designer can take what your needs and wants are and reconcile them with the realities of the site. 
3.      Saves you money in the end.
a.      We can work within budgets, plants, and materials to realize your vision.
b.   We guarantee and stand by our work.
4.      Our Designer works closely with the Installation Crew.
a.      This ensures the vision on the paper is realized.
b.   We dimension every plan using Auto Cad to ensure the greatest amount of accuracy.
5.      Materials and Plants Selection
a.      Selections of materials can be very challenging.  We can filter through colors, styles, and specific applications to get the best results and a cohesive design.
6.      A Landscaping project can be overwhelming.
a.      We can ground your project and fix your problem with a designed solution that is beautiful as well as practical.
7.      Improves the final product.
a.      Landscape designers are masters of the design process.  They close the gap between what the client wants and reality by reconciling existing conditions, views, and elements, with a great design.
8.      Professionally Drawn and Scaled Plan.
a.      We will produce a scaled plan using a AutoCad.
b.      Because not everyone can 'see' a landscape when it is presented in 2D LawnScapes also offers 3D Fly throughs of the proposed landscape, to help with visualization. 
9.      Designing and installing a landscape plan takes a lot longer than you think.
a.      You don’t have time to purchase plants, materials, and install a plan.  The average landscape plan takes about a 40 hour week to install.  Why spend your precious weekends doing in your free time what we can do while you are at work?
10.   A Landscape Designer provides clear direction.
a.      By choosing plants that survive in your location and the best material for the application our Landscape Designer will guide through the confusing process. 

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